"Promote Your Bar" Standard PDF Edition

Promote Your Bar-PDF-edition300x425.jpg
Promote Your Bar-PDF-edition300x425.jpg

"Promote Your Bar" Standard PDF Edition


The "Promote Your Bar" Manual from the "Bar Owner Basic Training" Series by Clint Newsom  in a standard PDF version.

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What Is “Promote Your Bar”?

The bar business is a competitive game. To compete you’ve got to be motivated, to win you need every advantage.

Promotions get you that advantage.

Form a bond with your customers, give them something to buy into. Make them feel like they belong and do it with events that showcase your imagination. When you give them a reason to spend their money with you, you’ll become the go to bar in your market.

People are searching for a diversion, practically begging for an excuse to get away from it all. Help them escape even for just one day and they’ll love you for it.

When you become a creative bar promoter you’ll not only enhance the image of your bar but also your own reputation as a pro. Everyone wants to follow a winner so don’t start your own bar and then just play defense. Get aggressive, play to win, dominate your competitors and then order “Promote Your Bar”.

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