"Employee Manual" Flip-Book Windows.exe Edition

Employees Manual windowsproduct530w.jpg
Employees Manual windowsproduct530w.jpg

"Employee Manual" Flip-Book Windows.exe Edition


 The "Employee Manual" Flip-Book from The Bar Owner Basic Training   Series by Clint Newsom in a convenient Windows.exe Edition.

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"Employee Manual"

Beginning bar owners often ask, “Clint, why do I need an employee manual? Isn’t that a lot of trouble? Can’t I just hire good people, pay them well and trust them to do their jobs?”

You can do that, especially if you want an out of control, chaotic operation.

But if your goal is to be a pro, your employees must know what is expected of them, and what they can expect from you.

Setting employment policies and standards that are equally enforced helps create a stable atmosphere, which in turn helps employees become more productive.

And when you create an environment in which your employees can be successful, they’ll look forward to coming to work. You’ll be able to attract and keep the best people.

An employee manual says you care about your business and that will be noticed by your customers.

To get started, just order the Employee Manual.

The "Employee Manual" package will give you numerous examples, suggestions, and guidelines you will find valuable when setting up your employee manual(s). Sample manuals are provided along with guidelines to create three additional manuals. Included in this package are:

1.   General Policies Manual

This manual includes all general policies that all employees, regardless of their job, would need to be aware of. Everything from dress and grooming, alcohol server policies, safety, scheduling and days off, missed shifts, payroll policies, employee discounts, and much, much more are included.

2.   Bartender Manual

 This manual includes all of the responsibilities of being a bartender. It includes suggestions on set up duties, breakdown duties, how to make drinks, how to run a tab, cleanliness, grooming and appearance, how to interact with customers, how to treat equipment, and much more.

3.   Server Manual

This manual outlines all duties of a waiter or waitress including grooming and appearance, set-up and break-down duties, how to take an order, interacting with customers, and much more.

4.   Guidelines For Additional Employee Manuals

Guidelines and suggestions are provided for you to create additional manuals if required. These manuals would be for the following positions:

  • Bar Back

  • Security Personnel

  • Bar Manager Or Shift Manager

Attention: Never Issue An "Employee Manual" Or Handbook Without Having It First Reviewed By An Attorney Specializing In Labor And/ Or Employment Practices Or A Human Resource Expert.